PlayStation 5: New Rumors About Its Price and Technical Specs

New rumors are out again for the PlayStation 5, and according to Pelham Smithers research, the price tag for the next console will be around $399. Besides, the console will be boosted by AMD Ryzen 3600G processor with Navi GPU. Let’s find out what are the new rumors are saying about the pricing tag of the PlayStation 5 and the chip’s cost.

PlayStation 5 – Price and Technical Specs Rumors

The AMD’s new Ryzen 3600G processor is based on the modern Zen 2 architecture on 7nm, and it has an estimated price of around $180-$220 from the PlayStation 5 price. If all the data is correct, the PS5 will have Navi GPU cores on the APU itself. Furthermore, the details given by Sony include a super-fast SSD technology that will reduce the game loading by 15+ seconds. The best game example is Spider-Man on the PS4 version that loads in 0.8 seconds with the new SSD on the PS5 and over 15 seconds on the PS4.

Moreover, the presence of 4K gaming and 8K video support and the ray tracing technology sounds like features that will boost the price of the console. The super-fast SSD storage, the new Zen 2 CPU with new Navi GPU on the 7nm node, all of them to come at the price of $399? Considering the battle between Sony and Microsoft on the best consoles, with the best specs and price, maybe $399 could do wonders.

Microsoft’s Next Xbox Remains a Fierce Competitor

Also, Microsoft isn’t giving up when it comes to pricing, and from the rumors, we know that the next Xbox Streaming will be at $249 and the upcoming Xbox X at $499. Who will win the battle, we will see, but until then we are waiting for the E3 2019 where Microsoft could reveal the next generation Xbox family of consoles.

Still, at the E3 2019, AMD will launch their next generation Navi-based Radeon graphics cards. We will be witnesses at a massive injection of horsepower into the next generation of consoles, graphics, and game engines.

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