WhatsApp To Receive New Exciting Features In The Future

WhatsApp is without a doubt one the most popular messaging app across the globe. The app was released in 2011, and the developers added new and exciting features with the help of substantial updates. Some claim that the app has become even better since Facebook purchased it. Many fans were happy when the app became completely free (in the past it was free for one year and those who wanted to use the app after a year passed had to pay $1 per year).

One of the recent updates added the option to send stickers and the community embraced the new feature with both hands. Select sources claim that WhatsApp is working on several which features which should become available in the future. Read below to learn more about them.

New WhatsApp feature to be added soon

The ability to block the screenshot function

This is likely to be the most controversial change, and it was already spotted in a beta built. Users will have the option to enable a feature which will block other users from taking screenshots of the chat window. The rumor has already sparked controversies, and angry fans shared several tweets on the subject. It remains to be seen if it will make the transition to the stable build.

Refreshed Doodle UI

The Doodle UI function offers emojis which are quite different when compared to the emojis available in conversations. IT seems that a new update with changing this as standard emojis will replace the ones offered by the Doodle editor.

More animated stickers

Animated stickers are one of the best attractions of Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp now offers the feature. It is likely that a richer selection of animated stickers, including some provided by third-party entities, will become available in the future.

While Facebook has encountered a few PR troubles in recent months, WhatsApp has become a fan-favorite, and the excellent service is likely to become even better in the future.

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