Android Q Beta 2 Is Now Available for the Google Pixel Devices

We are going back to some weeks ago when Google had released the first official beta of Android Q, and we saw then how is Google’s version of Android will look. Even if at first glance, Android Q seemed more like Android Pie, we have found out that a lot of new features, improvements, and changes were added. With Android Q features and changes like the system-wide dark mode, the system themes, more features added to the Media Playback, the desktop mode, the design changes and many more were added.

What Is the New Android Q Beta 2 Bringing?

The Android Q Beta 2 has been launched for Google Pixel, three weeks ago after the initial beta release. What do we know now and we consider a significant feature added to the Beta 2, is the notification bubbles. You are accustomed to this feature from the other chat apps like Facebook Messenger. The feature allows you to keep an ongoing conversation through that floating bubble, and you can message and interact with your contacts and at the same time use other apps. You already know how to use this kind of feature, tap on the bubble at any time you want to reply or to see who’s connected, or call someone.

Furthermore, Google wants to add the floating bubbles as an official Android feature to Messages and Hangouts, but also in the future this could be applied to non-messaging apps. Besides this, Android Q Beta 2 will come with some improvements regarding the Sharing menu, more control over audio capture, and a foldable emulator for Android Studio. Of course, this is not all that Google can add to the list.

Finally, the Android Q Beta 2 has the latest April Security Patches added, and it’s out for all the Pixel devices. The Beta 2 will be the last beta until Google’s I/O 2019 from May, between 7th to 9th.

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