NBA 2K20 New Features and Idea: Everything We Know So Far

The NBA 2K is a basketball video game simulation developed and published by 2K Sports. Now, we are talking about the most waited and wanted video-game release, the NBA 2K20. NBA 2K was released in 1999 and had the purpose of emulating the National Basketball Association, with improvements and new installments. Also, NBA 2K is the best-selling NBA video game series with around 90 million units until December 2018.

What Do We Know?

Until now we don’t have an official release from the developers, but we guess that the game will be released in fall. All of its predecessors have been published in the same period of each year so that NBA 2K20 could arrive in September, like the last-four iterations of the NBA. We don’t suspect that the developers will change something if we are looking that they have been constant about it. So, in September, we are waiting for you!

Moreover, rumors and leaks about the cover of the game are speculating that the Cameroonian basketball player Joel Embiid will be the one to take place on the cover. Also, rumors are saying that the player from Philadelphia 76er will appear in the future for the main cover. But what new features will the game bring now?


From the photo posted by Renee Montgomery on her Twitter account, we think that the women’s will be back to the game. Montgomery has written at the picture just one simple thing: “Coming soon.” Also, she is in the scanning room, that place where all the players are scanned and photographed for their character in the game. If that doesn’t make it clear about the returning of the WNBA on the future NBA 2K20, then what can make it?

Finally, our last presumption about the NBA 2K20 is that we will see the return of some old 2K features like NBA’s Greatest Mode, the Path to Greatness, and the Situation Mode.

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