Use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6 Simple Guide

Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen Windows personal computers, designed and developed by the giant Microsoft and manufactured by Pegatron. The Surface family includes hybrid tablets, notebooks, all-in-one desktop, and a touch screen interactive for collaboration. All the Surface devices can be used a laptop or tablet because of the touch screen, except the Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. By using one the Surface devices, you will have all the features from the traditional PCs, the elements of a tablet, and the most common, the Surface Pen.

How to Connect a Surface Pen to a Surface Pro 6

You will want to start by turning on the Bluetooth of your Surface device. Look that your Surface Pen to have AAAA batteries in. The next step is effortless, click on the top of your pen, the eraser part, and in the Bluetooth section, you will see the Surface Pen on your computer. Just click Pair, and you can use it with pleasure.

Configuration of the Surface Pen

After you have finished pairing your device, that’s not all you have to do. Go and open the Windows 10 Settings App with WINKEY+ I button combinations.  The purpose is to configure your pen so that you will follow Navigate to Devices – Pen & Windows Ink. This is the menu where you can do what you want with your Surface Pen.  The Pen section has a lot of features that you can edit, from the hand you want to write to visual effects appear while using it. You can also use your Surface Pen as a mouse, or you can edit that a Cursor will follow your Pen’s trails.

Besides this, the section of Handwriting gives you the chance to play with the size of fonts, if you want to ink with your fingertip, or what type of font to use when the text field is enabled.

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