Google Play Store for Android TV 14.5.31 Update Comes With Powerful Software Tweaks

When it comes to the most important component of the Android operating system on both smartphones and smart TVs, then the Google Play Store wins every time. This is the place where everyone goes to whenever they want to download a new app or game and this is why the Google Play Store will always be held in high regard by all Android fans, especially on smart TVs where the Google Play Store is used in order to download “must have” apps such as Netflix and HBO Go for example.

Google Play Store for Android TV 14.5.31 Update

As previously mentioned, the Google Play Store is required to run at peak performance levels in order for the Android operating system to offer a premium and unparalleled user experience. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Google is constantly updating the app library and a brand-new update for smart TVs has just arrived.

The latest update for the Google Play Store is available only for Android TVs and it sports the 14.5.31 version number. This is a high priority update and all Android TV fans should make sure to keep their smart TVs connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and get it as soon as it pops up in their notifications panel.

High Priority Software Tweaks

Since the Google Play Store is not a standalone app and its more of an app library, then no one should be shocked to find out that the new update doesn’t come with any new features. Instead of features. The update introduces a bunch of software tweaks which have been specially designed to improve the overall performances of the Google Play Store on Android TV, thus making the new update a high priority download for all Android TV fans.

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