Here Is How You Can Stop WhatsApp From Eating Up Storage

WhatsApp is a texting app that can be used to send various files as well. However, when you send images, videos and audio files on a daily basis, the app can end up eating up space on your phone. Of course, you can always choose to delete the chats, but this could mean losing important conversations. There is a simpler way to avoid having a clogged phone and we can show you how to do that.

Stop WhatsApp from using too much of your storage

There is a simple method that can be used if you want to protect your storage. First of all, you need to open WhatsApp and then tap the three dot icon that shows up at the top. Then head over to Settings and tap the Chats option. You should find a „Media visibility” option there. Turn it off and you are done.

You can also turn off this option only for certain chats. If that is what you want to do you need to open the chat with the contact for which you want to turn off media visibility. The three dot icon is also present there. Tap it and then select View Contact. The „Media visibility” option should also be there. Choose „No” to deactivate it.

WhatsApp features

Fortunately, WhatsApp did add some features which prevent the app from eating up space. For instance, the picture in picture mode was added recently and it allows user to watch videos within the app which means that the video doesn’t have t be downloaded. However, WhatsApp also allows larger files to be shared within the app and those can end up eating up space on your device.

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