The Design Of The OnePlus 7 Pro Was Revealed

There are two weeks left until the OnePlus 7 smartphone will be announced. However, plenty of details are available already. Recently OnePlus itself confirmed the OnePlus 7 Pro as part of the phone lineup. More than that, the design of the phone was revealed as well, despite the fact that there was no official announcement yet.

The official OnePlus account posted an image of a person reading the New York Times. On the back we can see a full-page ad for the OnePlus 7 Pro with the tagline “Just a better phone”. The image also shows us the design of the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro.

“No bells and whistles.

No bezel.

No notch.

Just a better phone.


Now that’s newsworthy.@nytimes”  tweeted OnePlus USA.

As the tweet mentions, the phone will come without a notch or a bezel. Based on this information, it is safe to say that the smartphone will come with a sliding selfie camera. This was previously reported by several sources.

The ad also reveals that the phone will come with a triple lens camera on the back, which is something that has also been rumoured before. Wired also posted an early review of an OnePlus 7 Pro phone. The review talks about the triple-lens camera and how it works.

CEO Pete Lau also sat down with Verge and discussed about the upcoming phone. He was particularly excited to talk about the “super-smooth and very crisp” display. Lay explained that they spent a lot more time developing this display compared to any other model. “The first time I saw it myself,” the CEO said, “I was stunned.”

OnePlus is expected to release three models. We have The OnePlus 7, the OnePLus 7 Pro, as well as a 5G version of the Pro model.

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