Moto Z4 New Headphone Jack Leaks – What’s Next?

New leaks are revealing that Motorola Z series will have some great features. Evan Blass, the leaker, had tweeted on his account some photos of the new Motorola Z4. The pictures are showing the headphone jack, a single-lens rear camera, a teardrop front camera, but no visible fingerprint sensor. Also, the future smartphone will have Moto Mods. Stay with us to find more about the leaks regarding the Motorola Z4.

Leaks about Motorola Z4

From what do we know by now is that even though the picture isn’t showing a visible fingerprint scanner, the leaks are suggesting otherwise. So maybe that Z4 will come with a fingerprint scanner in-display, a 48 MP rear-camera with Motorola’s Quad Pixel tech. This will help the camera to give a higher quality of 12 MP pictures. Also, the camera will have Night Vision ability through Google Pixel Night Sight. And that’s not all; the front camera will come with 25 MP and a Group Selfie Mode.

Besides this, the new Motorola Z4 will not have the purpose to be on top with the flagship smartphones like the ones from Samsung or Huawei. It will cost half of the Samsung Galaxy S10 for example. Regarding the Z4 specs, the device will come with an old-generation CPU, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675, and a 3.600 mAh battery. Also, the price is still unknown, and it’s hard to make a comparison with other phones. Maybe, in the future will find more about its price tag, and we will see if it can compete with the new and expected OnePlus 7 series. The OnePlus 7 series will have a triple lens in the rear, a powerful CPU, and a bigger battery. On the other hand, Motorola Z4 is not presenting some high features, but in the end, if the price will be reasonable, the phone has some virtues that deserve a chance.

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