The HP Chromebook 14 Review – Here’s What We Know So Far

AMD Chromebooks are on their way and this has become obvious after multiple companies such as Lenovo, Acer and HP announced their own AMD-powered Chromebooks during CES. Most Chromebooks are powered by Intel processors, but the percentage should change in the close future.

The number of AMD powered Chromebooks seems to be rising. For instance, the Chromebook 14 of HP will come with AMD processors as well as integrated Radeon graphics. The laptop is ideal for casual users or those who need it for school use. The Chromebook 14 price starts at $269, which is a really competitive price. Here’s what we know about this laptop.


The fact that it is a Chromebook with an AMD processor and a graphics chip already convinced many users to purchase it. The laptop is expected to come with enhanced power efficiency, as well as improved graphics performance.

The benchmark results for this laptop look great, but they are not that different from those of its competitors. However, there is an improvement there, and we can notice it. The laptop also comes with  4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage which can be configured to gold up to 64GB.


We have to admit that the Chromebook 14 does not bring anything unique in terms of design. In fact the laptop comes with a traditional look. It is made out of plastic and it weighs 3.5 which isn’t exactly light. The laptop comes without a fan which makes it extra silent.

There are three color variants available. You can get the AMD laptop in black, white or midnight blue. The last one is definitely an interesting choice. The keycaps also match the color of the device. We can also notice a metal panel for the keyboard and the palm rest area.

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