Apple Will Showcase New Apps During The WWDC 2019

Apple is likely to reveal new developer tools and several apps during the annual developer conference which is scheduled to take place in June. The company has been hard at work in recent months, and some expect that iOS 13 will be presented during the same conference. The Cupertino company has already stated that several core apps will receive a significant update. Among them, we can count essential apps like Maps, Messages, and Reminders.

Apple Watch owners will be happy to learn that the standalone features of the device will be enhanced as many features will no longer require an iPhone to work. The quality of health tracking features will also be improved.

A large focus is also placed on the services side as Apple plans to promote Apple Music and the upcoming TV+ streaming service. They will provide a reliable revenue source in the long-run, and it is thought that new features could be added in the future.

Apple Will Showcase New Apps During The WWDC 2019

The original iPhone was released almost 12 years ago, and Apple released a new version of its popular OS every year. The pace at which these updates are released may be a bit overwhelming for Apple engineers, but it has allowed the iPhone to remain competitive. Apple smart devices are renowned for the optimization and quality offered by each iOS version, and it is well-known that an iPhone or iPad will receive major software updates for four years.

Many owners prefer the iPhones and iPads because they come with a robust selection of third-party apps which offer excellent functionalities and serious value. Since iOS is a closed operating system, many developers are confident that their paid apps won’t be available for free.

The Apple App Store generated almost $46.6 billion from users in 2018, which is nearly double in comparison to the Google Play Store. It is anticipated that more developers will join Apple in the future.

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