Google Play Store 14.7.50 Update with Faster Software Performances is Now Available

Even though the Android operating system is famed for making it possible for smartphone users to download millions of apps and games, we should never forget that this all wouldn’t be possible without help from the Google Play Store. We could sit around and argue all day about what is the best feature that Google’s operating system has to offer and we would always end up at the same conclusion that the Google Play Store is the most important component of the Android operating system.

Taking into account the fact that tens of millions of people are using the Google Play Store every single day in order to download useful apps and mobile games, then no one should be shocked or surprised to find out that the Android parent is updating the Google Play Store at every chance it gets. Therefore, today we are going to represent the latest update for the Google Play Store which has arrived in May.

Google Play Store 14.7.50 Update

Android fans should be pleased to find out that the Google Play Store has just received a new update. The update sports the 14.7.50 version number and it weighs in at a mere 19.1MB. However, Android fans should not be fooled by the update’s small size because it does not represent its importance. Despite being a maintenance update, the new 14.7.50 release for the Google Play Store comes with a handful of high-priority bug fixes that take the performances of the app library to the next level.

Improved Performances

As previously mentioned, the new update for the Google Play Store comes with a bunch of bug fixes that not only take care of various issues that caused the Google Play Store to lag at times, the bug fixes also improve the overall performances of the app library. Therefore, we are advising all Android fans to get the new update ASAP.

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