Android Q Beta 3 Launched During Google I/O 2019 With New Features

Google launched Android Q Beta 3 at its annual conference. The company’s executives unveiled a couple of new features for the new Android Q Beta release, the upcoming new variant scheduled to be launched sometime in this summer or fall.

The new Android Q will come with a dark theme and enlarged navigation controls though swiping, and also with a focus mode which will barrier distractions, and parental controls as well.

The company launched the first public beta of Android Q on March 18, the second one on April 3, followed by a security fix on April 5, and the third beta on May 7. The software operates on Pixel devices and numerous other Android phones.

What’s new in this Android Q Beta 3

Google said that the system might act a little weird, but you can anticipate that much from operating a beta. Here are a few solid features of the beta version of Android Q.

Dark theme

You can easily enable dark mode through the Display settings, also by adding an icon to the pull-down menu. The mode can be set to save battery as well when enabled.

More info on the lock screen

New impressive and useful notifications appear on the screen, for example, which song is playing at the moment and so on.

Sharing Wi-Fi information

​You can create a QR code which has your Wi-Fi information for first-time visitors to scan and connect.

More feedback

​For example, when you plug in the device to charge, you get a vibration and a sound, notifying you of the change. This option goes for more services such as text and so on.

Battery level indicators

Android Q comes with a piece of supplementary information on battery: it shows battery level in percents to the right side of the battery tile. Also when the phone is not charging, you can swipe down on the menu bar to see how long your battery still has.

Quick access to emergency info

​If you press and hold the power key, whether the device is locked or unlocked, it shows an emergency shortcut under the Power Off, Restart and Screenshot key.

In conclusion, Google made a great job so far with the Android Q development. Before finally releasing the operating system in the third part of the year, Google is planning to launch three more betas during the spring and summer. Android Q Beta 3 is just one of the many beta releases for the upcoming Android OS.

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