PUBG Mobile Banned In Other Three Countries, Besides China

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is raising a high level of adrenaline from all the players in the world. It has an excellent user interface, smooth gameplay, and some innovative gaming features that will make your experience worthy of your time. The game is playable on PC, and on Android and iOS as PUBG Mobile.

The latest PUBG update has come with a lot of new features this time, and everybody is hooked. The game is so popular now that you will see almost everywhere somebody that plays it. Unfortunately, things are going so smooth regarding the authorities.

PUBG Mobile banned in India, Nepal, Iraq, and China

The recent news regarding PUBG Mobile is that the game has been banned in four countries. We also know that in some of these countries, with some conditions the ban was uplifted. The four states that have banned the game are India, Nepal, Iraq, and China. The first country, India, is also the first country that has prohibited the game. The cities affected by the ban are Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, and Gir Somnath.

On the other hand, Nepal has been stricter with its ban system. Unfortunately, the ban was applied to all the country in April. After the intervention of the Supreme Court, the government has removed the ban. Furthermore, Iraq and its parliament have a history of banning games, so PUBG is not the only one. The country is citing that these types of games are harmful to society. But that’s not all! Iraq is considering PUBG Mobile and other similar games a national security threat.

Besides this, China and the Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee are causing a lot of problems to a lot of game developers. The Committee has assessed 20 games, and among them, there is PUBG Mobile as well. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile and other eight games have been banned, including Fortnite.

Finally, PUBG Mobile developer and publisher can’t settle with these bans, and they are communicating with Governments to search for a method to lift these bans.

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