Android Q Beta 3 Comes With A Screenshots Bug – How To Fix It?

It’s been some days since Android Q Beta 3 has come to our devices, and it seems to be the buggiest preview release of the latest OS version so far. Apparently, there are some problems with the SIM, some Google Pay problems, too, and even issues with the gesture navigation. There’s another bug here, and it affects screenshot sharing and saving.

Android Q Beta 3 rolled out with a screenshots bug

It took a while to notice this problem because it affects the native share dialogues from apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Other apps, such as Android Messages or Slack work just fine.

You take a screenshot on Android Q Beta 3, and it won’t appear in the former apps’ integrated image sharing options. However, other files and camera pictures will show up. You can see that you have taken a lot of screenshots in the Google Photos app. But they won’t show up in WhatsApp and Telegram’s image share galleries.

On Android Q Beta 3, all the screenshots are saved with the wrong timestamp. Both Telegram and WhatsApp sort the pictures by the date they got taken, the newest screenshots show up at the end of your screenshots folder. Google Photo, Files and any other app sorts the photos by last modified, which makes the screenshots show up in the right order.

How to fix the Android Q Beta 3 screenshots bug?

We have also heard that there are broken screenshot thumbnails for some of the users, correctly when they want to share them on Facebook Messenger or Twitter. The thumbnails restore themselves after some time passes, so it’s not as bad as the screenshot thing.

Right now, the easiest way to deal with this problem is to share screenshots directly from your camera app or from the gallery of Google Photos.

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