PlayStation 5 Fans Are Receiving More Bad News – PS5 Won’t Launch Before November 2020

There is not a single soul that is not waiting for the PlayStation 5 release. Fans, players, curious people, all of them are waiting for an official announcement of the PS5 date and its price.

PlayStation 5 will not come out before November 2020

A few weeks ago, Mark Cerny revealed some information about the company’s next console, the hardware and their plans regarding this future revolutionary piece of technology. Of course, there was no way of finding out the release date from him, but a 2019 launch is ruled out.

Except for the subtle hint that PlayStation 5 will not be seen this year, further analyses are indicating that we could be waiting much longer than we expect. For example, Hideki Yasuda, an analyst from Ace Research Institute says that PlayStation 5 won’t be launch until November 2020. Also, Yasuda is the one that says that the price of PS5 will be around $ 499. And the price could be valid if we look at the piece of technology that the new next-generation console will have.

PlayStation 5 specs

Also, the new PlayStation 5 will have similarities with PS4, and it will be backward compatible with the PS4. The PS5 console will support 8K and a faster loading time thanks to the custom Radeon Navi GPU from the third generation of AMD Ryzel line. The CPU has eight cores of AMD 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. Thanks to the addition of this CPU in the PlayStation 5, the console will support ray tracing. The ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image with the help of light as pixels do in an image plane, as a simulation of complex interactions in 3D.

Finally, all the information are focusing on the features that the PlayStation 5 will have, especially the ray tracing, the custom chip for 3D audio, and the hard drive. Maybe Sony will not let its fans waiting more than 18 months without further information about the release date or the price so everybody can wait with more excitement the future PlayStation 5.

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