Google Play Services 17.1.91 Beta Update Makes the Android Operating System More Stable

One of the best things that Android fans can do is to enroll in the Android Beta Program. The reason behind this is that all users who are enrolled in the beta program will always be the first ones to access all of Google’s latest and most important updates. In fact, a new beta update has just been released for Google Play Services and it comes with lots of high-priority software improvements and a handful of bug fixes for good measure.

Google Play Services 17.1.91 Beta Update

The new update for Google Play Services sports the 17.1.91 build number and as previously noted, it can only be downloaded and installed by beta testers right now. On the bright side of things, enrolling the Android Beta Program is fairly simple and everyone who owns an Android-powered smartphone can do it in only a couple of minutes.

To make things even better, the only thing that Android beta testers need to do in exchange for receiving the privilege to access all the latest updates is to provide Google’s developers with feedback in case they encounter a bug or a glitch, which rarely happens anyways.

New Software Tweaks

Despite being one of the most important components in the Android operating system, Google Play Services is a background app. Therefore, Android fans shouldn’t expect to see any new features or visual changes in the latest Google Play Services 17.1.91 beta update because instead, the update focuses on introducing powerful software tweaks and bug fixes.

Even though software tweaks and bug fixes might not be as exciting as new features, they are undoubtedly more important. The reason behind this is that software tweaks and bug fixes enhance the overall software stability of Google Play Services, thus making the Android operating system safer.

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