PlayStation 5: Sony Might Make With PS5 The Same Mistake It Has Made With PS3

Everyone is waiting for the best and unbelievable console that exists by now, the mother of all consoles, the PlayStation 5. Some details and information have been revealed about the PS5 from Sony, but other rumors and leaks had added to it. The suggestions and reports are adding to the data we have by now, but a new detail has come to our ears. Some reports are saying that Sony could repeat with PS5 the same mistake it has done with PS3 when it was launched in 2006.

Hideki Yasuka of Ace Research Institute says in his report of Sony that the PlayStation 5 will have a high price than the company’s previous console. According to his reports, Sony will be released in November 2020 and will have a price starting from $499. That means the next-generation console will be with $100 more expensive than the PS4. Yasuka also predicts six million units would be sold in the first year and 15 million units in the next year.

However, the new PlayStation 5 will have a solid-state drive (SSD), a rendering technique that can create a high degree of visual realism, and a feature that is increasing the game frame rates called Boost Mode. Looking only at those feature added to the PlayStation 5, it means they are all premium, and they aren’t cheap.

Will Sony Repeat the Same Mistake that Hurt the PS3 with PlayStation 5?

After launching PS3, the company reported slow sales in 2007, and Jack Tretton, the former console chief of the company at that time, said that the company had made some mistakes regarding the price. Sony should think very well at the cost of the PS5 because the competition is high if we take note that both Microsoft and Nintendo has in plan to launch a budget-friendly console.

Finally, Microsoft is competing with Sony by launching the Anaconda, that could be the same with PS5 in terms of specs and capabilities, while Nintendo wants to launch a cheaper version of the Switch. If the reports are correct, Nintendo Switch Lite will cost $249.99, that means half the price of Sony’s console.

Even if the rumors are saying the price will be high, looking back at the PS4’s lifetime, Sony has won this generation’s console war, and it’s dominant on the market. Only time will show if Sony will make the same mistake with PlayStation 5, or if Anaconda will take its place on the users’ preferences.

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