WhatsApp Dark Mode Revealed In New Images From WAbetainfo

The WhatsApp dark mode has been teased for quite some time, and now we finally got a chance to take a closer look at it. WAbetainfo did release a couple of screenshots which present the dark mode. Most messaging apps already have the dark mode, including Messenger, Viber and Telegram.

Dark modes are quite popular amongst many users because they come with a couple of advantages. First of all, the night mode is a lot easier on the eyes, especially during nighttime. In addition to that, the dark mode can help devices with OLED screens preserve their battery. Finally, many users also consider this mode more aesthetically pleasing.

The WhatsApp dark mode

In order to get the screenshots, WAbetainfo managed to activate the new dark mode. However, this does not mean that it is possible for users to get the new mode at the moment. The new dark mode is available in the WhatsApp latest beta APK, but it is more of a preference that needs to be tweaked in the APK and it will take a bit more until the feature will become available for users.

We have received a screenshot that presents the settings of the app which have received the new look. We remind you that those settings were also revamped recently. The reason for the revamp might be the upcoming dark mode. In the screenshot we can see that WhatsApp did not choose black for this theme. Instead, a very dark grey was used. This makes the contrast with the light fonts a lot easier on the eyes.

Other three screenshots show us how the Chats, Status and Calls tabs will look like when the night mode feature is activated. There is a teal color used for some icons and the background has a dark grey colour.

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