How to Fix Delayed WhatsApp Messages

It seems that WhatsApp has encountered some issues lately when it comes to messages: they are delayed, they arrive late, or after the user opens the app. Recently, delayed WhatsApp messages have been a real problem for some users. Here’s how to fix delayed WhatsApp messages.

How to Fix Delayed WhatsApp Messages

Disable the power saver mode

You may use it directly from the manufacturers, or you may have downloaded apps like Battery Doctor to help you keep your battery percentage up. But in either of the cases, it cuts the mobile data connection or the Wi-Fi. This might be one of the reasons why your messages get to your late.
Disable the power or permissions monitor

In many of the cases, the device has this delay due to enabling the Power Monitor or Permissions Monitor. Make sure you disable them.

Let your mobile data work in the background

From time to time, WhatsApp connects in the background to the server, so you need to make sure that you have enabled background data in your device. For that, you need to open the Settings and go to Mobile Data Usage. Tap on the WhatsApp icon. Then tap on the background data, and it’s all done.

Clear the WhatsApp Cache

If you delete all of the WhatsApp cache data, you can get enough memory on your phone, which will make it work faster. For that, go to Settings, then to Find Apps in the menu, then tap on WhatsApp. Go to Storage, then click on the clear cache button. Keep in mind that, by doing this, you will delete all of your settings and conversations.

Disable the sleep mode or the wi-fi power saving

This one clearly restricts the messages on WhatsApp. Go to Settings, click on Connections, then on W-Fi. Go to Advanced, and turn off the Wi-Fi power saving mode. Then, Scroll down and click on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, then click on Always.

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