OGWhatsApp v7.00 Available to Download for Android With Camera Changes

Are you getting bored with your WhatsApp app, with the same stickers, emoji, and features? Do you regularly change your chat app because of this reason? Have you tried other alternatives of WhatsApp? You have three options to chose from OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. You can use all three of them, or pick one that will give a lot of new features without the risk of damaging your phone. Today, we are talking about OGWhatsApp and what you can do with it.

What Is OGWhatsApp and What Can You Do with It?

Using OGWhatsApp, you can add up to three numbers in the application on the same Android device. You can install OGWhatsApp along with GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, or the original version of WhatsApp.  Using OGWhatsApp, you will see a lot of changes like fonts and colors, backgrounds, and more than 1000 themes. OGWhatsApp gives you the possibility to add a password lock for more privacy and security on your app.

Also, using OGWhatsApp, you can control everything with the help of the following features:

  • Hide Online Status: if you want to hide your online status, this is the perfect feature. You will not appear connected to everyone, and only your last login date will be shown.
  • Hide Your Blue Ticks: if you want to hide the blue ticks that appear in conversations, with OGWhatsApp you can do that, for groups or private chat.
  • Hide Only the Second Tick: this feature is working the same as the one with two ticks.
  • Hide View Status: your name can be hidden with this feature when you see a status published by your friends.
  • Anti-Revoke Feature: this feature is so cool! You can read your friends deleted messages after they have sent it to you.
  • Hide Writing Tick: if you want to write a message and the tick to not appear on the conversation, you can hide it with this feature.
  • Hide Recording Status: when you want to record a voice note, you can swipe up the microphone icon, and it will remain like this, blocked, so the need to keep it holding disappears. At the same time, you can hide your voice note for groups or contacts.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: the blue microphone that appears when receiving a voice note can be hidden.
  • Files and Documents: OGWhatsApp gives you the possibility to share any data you want (PDF., TXT., Docs.) up to 100 MB.
  • Download Status: now the status of your friends can be saved, along with videos and photos from them.
  • Camera: the pictures and videos you send via this app will not be reduced by the quality.
  • Gallery: the exciting changes that come with this app don’t stop here! You can select and send up to 100 photos or videos at once towards the original WhatsApp where the limit is for 30 photos.
  • Location: sharing your live location hasn’t been so easy! You are sharing your real-time location, and friends can track you or can send your current position as a point on the map.
  • Contacts: this feature is fantastic! You can select up to 200 contacts at once and send everything you want at the people you have selected.

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp App?

The installation process is not complicated, so follow our instruction:

  1. Download OGWhatsApp APK to your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Enter your phone Settings – Security – Enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Install OGWhatsApp on your phone from the download folder.
  4. Open OGWhatsApp after the installation is complete and click AGREE and CONTINUE – Allow OGWhatsApp to continue.
  5. Enter your telephone number to be verified by OGWhatsApp, and after that, you will receive a verification code.
  6. The Backup can be restored in this app too, so, if you want to backup your data, press Restore Backup and wait for the process to complete.
  7. After everything is complete, you can begin making some changes in your new OGWhatsApp app, starting with your name and profile picture.

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