OnePlus 7 Pro Features Are Now Available On Older OnePlus Smartphones, Too

The OnePlus 7 Pro was met with critical acclaim from both fans and reviewers when it was released this month.

The device offers impressive hardware features, including a pop-up selfies camera and an eye-pleasing 90Hz panel that doesn’t grace many devices. Many potential customers were charmed by the robust selection of software features, including a screen-recording function and the useful Zen Mode.

OnePlus has already promised that some of the software features will make their way to older devices at some point in the features, but it is well-known that many users don’t have the patience to wait for official updates.

Several enthusiastic fans decided to release the new features, and it seems that the feat was easily achievable as they were able to extract the desired features and convert them into APK without any problems. A selection of apps has been uploaded on a popular forum.

Users ported some OnePlus 7 Pro features to older OnePlus smartphones

For users who aren’t very tech savvy an APK or an Android Package allows Android users to download and install apps which are obtained from external sources. In most cases, users will resort to this method when the desired app is not available on the Google Play Store.

The Android version of Fortnite uses this method since Epic refused to publish the game on the app store in an attempt to circumvent the tax required by the tech giant. In most cases, apps downloaded from external sources are safe, but it is essential to download the files from a reliable source.

One of the features which are currently limited to OnePlus 7 Pro is the Zen Mode. Upon activation, your device will be locked for 20 minutes, and nothing can be done to bypass it. That will allow users to take a breather and relax without being distracted by the device for a short period.

Zen Mode and the screen recording feature are already available as standalone APKs, and more app ports could surface in the following days.

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