Samsung Insider Shares Design Changes To Note 10

Samsung is known to release two versions of its Galaxy Note 10 this year, in the summer, with each version of the smartphone getting a 5G variant, marking the launch with a total of four Note 10 versions. According to a trustworthy source, the upcoming Note devices will not be the repurposed Galaxy S’ design.

A Samsung insider revealed in a few tweets that the upcoming Note 10 would combine the ‘optimization and perfection of Galaxy S10 and Note 9.’ The Note 10 will come with a steady and sophisticated tech, and Samsung’s Galaxy A series will bring ‘radical innovation,’ he states.

In a separate post, the insider shared the fact that the Note 10 phones will feature two significant design changes in comparison to the Galaxy S10 devices, both regarding the location of the cameras. His tweets say that Note 10’s front camera location will be changed, as well as its rear camera position.

The Galaxy S10 devices have on the front hole-punch selfie cameras, located in the right side of the display. The dual, triple, and quadruple camera array on the back is situated in the center of the device, in the upper side of it.

The Note 10 will feature a built-in stylus, which takes a lot of space within the device. This is one thing that might affect the device’s design style, and it might reason the camera position. Or, possibly, Samsung doesn’t want the same camera design on the Note 10 as on the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S designs would not have puzzled users in recent years, but sharing Galaxy S’ design with the Note 10 might. In any case, Infinity-O screens would look the same on devices that have a similar size.

According to Ice Universe, the camera array on the back of Note 10 will have a vertical position. He also stated that the Note 10 devices would come with the same camera hardware as the Galaxy S10, but they will have faster UFS 3.0 storage.

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