Facebook Lite’s Latest Beta Release is Now Available with Improved Speed and Reliability

If there is one app that everyone has installed on their smartphones, then it has to be Facebook or its lightweight version, Facebook Lite. The reason behind this is simple. Facebook is used by more than two billion people every single month and this basically means that almost everyone who has access to the internet also has a Facebook account. Nonetheless, today we are going to talk about Facebook Lite and its latest update which sports the beta version number.

Facebook Lite

As previously noted, Facebook Lite is the lightweight counterpart to Facebook. This means that despite being a lightweight app which doesn’t take up too much internal storage space, Facebook Lite still offers the same performances and gives users access to a plethora of features as the original app does.

To make things even better, Facebook Lite benefits from the same stream of constant software updates as Facebook does and therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a new update which sports the beta version has started rolling out for Facebook Lite today.

New Update

The update is a maintenance release that brings improvements for reliability and speed. Even though the new update is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels right now, there is a catch. The only Facebook Lite users who can download the new update are those who are enrolled in the beta program. On the bright side of things, enrolling in the app’s beta program is not complicated at all and anyone can do it in less than five minutes.

APK Alternative

We know that some Facebook Lite might be hesitant to enroll in the beta program because they don’t want to deal with bugs and this is why we also want to mention that Facebook Lite’s latest update is available in the form of APK which means that the update can also be manually installed.

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