Firefox 67 Update Comes With Privacy and Security Improvement and Several New Features

Firefox 67 has finally been officially released by Mozilla. The new version is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The update focuses mainly on improving the performance of the browser. It does not occupy less memory, while also being a lot quicker. Mozilla stated that pages like Instagram, Amazon, or Google now run 40-80% faster.

Along with the release of Firefox 67, other platforms received improvements as well. Firefox Beta got updated to version 68, while Nightly build got updated to version 69.

Firefox 67 New Features

Suspending Tabs

To further improve performance, Mozilla will now suspend tabs that havențt been used in a while. To re-activate the page, simply click on it and it will be revived from where you left off.

Cryptojacking and fingerprinting blocking

Once enabled, this feature will automatically block any domains known to use in-browser cryptojacking and fingerprinting. This will offer your computer better protection.

Private Browsing Improvements

Firefox 67 brings the option to access all of your saved credentials in Private Browsing mode, which was not possible with previous versions.

WebRender testing

A small group of users will get the opportunity to test out the new WebRender engine. Its GPU for 2D rendering will make browsing faster. This feature will first be introduced to Windows 10 users that use NVIDIA graphics cards. Throughout this year, all users will receive it.

Other Changes in Firefox 67

  • Enhanced keyboard accessibility
  • New ‘Firefox Account’ toolbar menu + avatar
  • Enhanced password manager
  • ‘Pin tab’ option in Page Actions menu
  • Twemoji Mozilla font support for Emoji 11.0

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