OnePlus 7 Pro Cameras Will Be Bettered in an Upcoming Update

OnePlus 7 Pro rear-facing cameras will be improved in a brand new update which is currently being worked on. A OnePlus employer stated on the giant tech’s forum that the optimizations are on their way to the newly released smartphone and will arrive soon.

Even without the upcoming update, OnePlus 7 Pro cameras are impressively good. The majority of the users are pleased with its camera, but allegedly, others are not. After a few OnePlus 7 Pro users have complained of finding wrongs with the camera setting, the company has prepared an update that will be sent to the devices in a week or so.

The optimization will apparently include improvements for the HDR effect and the Nightscape mode. There were made other adjustments too, on the base of its users and reviewers’ feedback.

OnePlus 7 Pro Cameras Will Be Bettered in an Upcoming Update

OnePlus states that the camera team of developers has been working a lot to discover and fix camera issues. Each system update comes with codes from the camera to enhance its quality. The company also explained that when owners got their OnePlus 7 Pro, they received an update, which was an essential optimization for the camera system, and it should not have been missed.

OnePlus said in an official statement that they already tested the new update which will roll out in a week, and the photos look significantly better, which means that the camera should now work correctly and the images should appear in high quality.

This update will be a massive improvement as the OnePlus already have an excellent camera system. DxOMark appeared to believe that the cameras are quite fabulous, and it ranked them among the best cameras on smartphones on the tech market. OnePlus might become extremely popular because of its smartphone’s cameras, which are quite good but will be made better.

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