Opera Mini Browser Beta 43.0.2254.139704 Update Download Available with Bug Fixes

Opera is a web browser developed by the Chinese-owned company Opera Software, and it’s available for Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. The browser was conceived in 1994 by Telenor and was brought by Opera Software in 1995. It was first commercial software with its own proprietary Presto layout engine, but after 2013, the Presto version has ended. Opera browser has three mobile versions: Opera Mobile, Opera Touch, and Opera Mini. The last one from the list, Opera Mini has received a new beta release, version 43.0.2254.139704.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini has derived from the Opera web browser, and it was developed by the Opera Limited Company. The first purpose of Opera Mini was for the Java ME platform. After that, the browser was exclusively developed for Android and iOS. If we look back a little, in 2012, Opera Mini had 168.8 million users, and in the next year, Opera reported 300 million active users.

However, Opera Mini is designed with a natural look and intuitive use for the user. The browser is fast and free, it has a beautiful design, and it’s in a beta stage for the purpose to create a better browser for users. It has less clutter, less hassle, and superior browsing experience.

The Opera Mini beta version 43.0.2254.139704 has shiny new features, a bleeding edge, and it’s fresher. Unfortunately, because we are talking about a beta version, the app is not stable, and it might crash. Also, take note that the new options and functions that you will see and test in the beta version 43.0.2254.139704 will not be released for sure into the stable version.

Finally, the Opera Mini Beta Versions 43.0.2254.139704 is way faster than any Internet browsers, so you can give it a try because you can also have the stable version installed on your device as well.

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