Apple Is Stopping the Downgrade from iOS 12.3 and No More Signings to iOS 12.2

Apple plans to stop signing for iOS 12.2, and the downgrade from iOS 12.3 can’t be possible anymore. Even it’s a matter of time with this kind of processes, Apple has already closed the iOS 12.2 signings completely, and the consequences are that the downgrade can’t be possible from iOS 12.3. Unfortunately, for those who were hoping to stay with iOS 12.2 and to get a jailbreak, things aren’t looking good. You will have to stick with iOS 12.3 that brings a new TV app and other little stuff.

What Can You Do?

Depending on your wishes, you can stick with iOS 12.2 if you already have it. If you don’t plan to make the update any time soon, then you must turn off the automatic updates on your iPhone/iPad. Having the automatic update turned off, the system won’t update on its own to the iOS 12.3. For fixing this, go to Settings-General-Software-Update-Automatic Updates, and choose to turn them off. Having the possibility of doing things manually can save you from the undesired update.

However, this option is good for the ones with older devices. They could stick with iOS 12.2, but those with newer devices such as iPhone XS Max, or other new models, will have to wait for a jailbreak to come. The waiting will be extended because these jailbreak apps are being developed slowly.

On the other hand, we are recommending all users to choose the update and go with iOS 12.3, and forget the oldest iOS 12.2, because things are moving. Make sure that your device has turned On the Automatic updates and let it do the job. By updating to iOS 12.3, fixes and security patches are added, and also other new features for the operating system.

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