Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Model Would Feature USB-C Port, According To A Microsoft Patent

It seems that the Surface Pro will have a new appearance, as Microsoft started working on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 that will launch sometime in the second half of this year. Since the release of the Surface Pro 4, the device did not receive much of an upgrade in the design department. However, that would change with the rollout of Surface Pro 7.

Many expect Microsoft to make the display bezels smaller, add a USB-C port, and give the new Surface Pro 7 an overall more rounded appearance, similar to the Surface Go. An allegedly leaked patent surfaced on the internet, showing a thinner Surface keyboard. Another recent leak confirms that the new Surface Pro 7 model sports a USB type C port, along with a new Type Cover model.

New Microsoft Patent Revealed That Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Would Sport USB-C Port

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 patent was made public by Windows United, and it describes the company’s plans to incorporate magnets that could prevent the keyboard from folding over the display. This could presumably work the same when the device is closed the other way, so it prevents it from accidentally opening.

Although the main point of interest of the patent is the magnets, other exciting hints were also included. Upon scrutinizing the image, you can spot a USB-C port next to the regular USB-A and Mini DisplayPort. Even more, the headphone jack is now on the bottom, and the tab used for accessing the kickstand is also adjusted.

Another fascinating aspect of the patent is the lack of a Surface Connect port. This could mean that Microsoft is getting ready to get rid of the magnetic charger and move on to USB-C charging for the Surface models. If the company indeed decided to eliminate the Surface Connect, then it certainly will start incorporating the USB-C and ThunderBolt 3 in upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

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