OnePlus 7 Pro Received Its First Update To Fix Some Issues

It looks like OnePlus might’ve wrongly chosen to launch of the new OnePlus 7 Pro and require benchmarking sites to release their reviews regarding the quality of the new smartphone compared to other successful products in the industry by the following day.

Unfortunately, this aspect set quite high expectations that the product didn’t seem to fulfill. A lot of complaints and negative reviews, especially regarding its camera followed. Even though the company did not address the bigger ones with the latest update, at least it suggests that it is quick to roll out fixes.

Users complain about the photo quality of OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro owners hoped for a list of fixes longer than the actual list posted over by OnePlus on its forums. From the list concerned, worth mentioning is the optimization of the Double Tap to Wake gesture, as well as Bluetooth audio delay when playing games being fixed.

Regarding the camera-related fixes, the list consists of improvements of the HDR scenarios image quality, as well as low light image quality improvement, the fixing of the white balance issue in several scenarios and the adjustment of the focus issue in some others.

It doesn’t yet address the problem issued by many owners regarding the poor quality of the photos, even when taken in environments with good lights. A number of them, who already took possession of the new update state that you can see that there is an improvement, but that it doesn’t fulfill the expectations set.

OnePlus stated that some features “already work as intended”

Moreover, regarding the 3x telephoto zoom feature, if you expected it also to be improved, OnePlus was quick to state that it already works as intended on OnePlus 7 Pro.

Furthermore, significant bugs that even OnePlus itself admitted the phone had, such us ghost touches, were also left out, not being mentioned. OnePlus 7 Pro users are mostly outraged by the overall quality of the smartphone, not mainly because some of the aspects, such as camera performance and photo quality being awful.

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