Opera Mini 43.0.2254.139743 Beta is Now Rolling Out with Powerful Software Tweaks

A powerful mobile browser is the app that everyone needs to install on their smartphones. All smartphones ship with a pre-installed browser such a Google Chrome for Android-powered devices, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that users need to stick with the default browser. The reason why we are saying this is because there are tens of other browsers that offer premium user experiences with Opera Mini being the perfect example of that.

Opera Mini is a well-optimized mobile browser that takes up a small part of the internal storage space, unlike browsers such as Google Chrome. This makes Opera Mini the ideal choice for people who use entry-level smartphones that do not support microSD cards which makes internal storage space an expensive commodity for them.

Not just that, but Opera Mini is equipped with a plethora of features that make mobile web surfing a pleasant experience and to make things even better, Opera Mini’s software stability is being improved every single day via new updates.

Opera Mini 43.0.2254.139743 Beta

If you enjoy using Opera Mini, then we have some great news to share with you! The mobile browser has just received a new update which sports the 43.0.2254.139743 version number. The update is being rolled out to all Opera Mini users right now, but there’s a catch. This is a beta release which means that the only Opera Mini users who are eligible to receive the new update are those who are enrolled in the beta program.

On the bright side of things, becoming a beta user for Opera Mini is not a complicated process and everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone can do it in only a couple of minutes and access all the latest software tweaks and bug fixes Opera Mini’s new updates bring.

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