WhatsApp Business 2.19.50 Update Introducs Three Major Chatting Features

WhatsApp used to be a simple chatting app that people used in order to get in touch with their friends and family members. However, the chatting app has evolved to the point that nearly everyone who uses a smartphone has installed it, including businesses and retailers who wanted a platform to sell their products and to interact with their customers. This is why the developers of WhatsApp have decided to create WhatsApp Business.

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Business is a special version of WhatsApp that is equipped with a plethora of features which are all designed to help businesses and retailers get feedback from their customers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that all major companies have their own WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business 2.19.50 Update

Considering the fact that WhatsApp Business is used by some of the world’s largest corporations, the developers of the app know that there isn’t any room for errors such as bugs or glitches. Therefore, they are always improving the software stability of WhatsApp Business through a constant stream of updates and in fact, a brand-new one has just arrived.

The latest update for WhatsApp Business is changing the app’s version number to 2.19.50 and it comes with a bunch of important features. Therefore, let’s go ahead and check out all the features and software changes that the new update has to bring.

  • Filter chat lists. Quickly find chats based on labels or whether they are read or unread.
  • New features on WhatsApp Web. You can now view label indicators and filter by labels using the chat list filtering icon when using WhatsApp Web. Filtering by unread messages, groups, and broadcast lists isn’t supported on WhatsApp Web.
  • Share short links (wa.me/your_number). Create and share short links that make it easy for customers to start a chat with you.

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