WhatsApp Business 2.19.50 Is Now Available To Download With New Features And Improvements

Many smartphone owners are familiar with WhatsApp, which is known as the most popular messaging app in the world. A large number of people uses the standard version, but companies have the option to use a particular version called WhatsApp Business 2.19.50.

Besides the features offered by the official app WhatsApp Business grants access to several productivity tools. Keep reading to see all the WhatsApp Business functions.

WhatsApp Business Features

A business profile

Users have the option to create a business profile for their company. The profile will offer a selection of useful information, including the company website, address or contact information, and customers can access the profile easily.

The away function: let customers known that you will provide an answer later by using Away messages to tell them that you are away.

Use a landline or fixed number

WhatsApp Business is compatible with landline phone numbers, and the customers can send messages to the number. Instead of receiving a text message, a Call me option will allow users to obtain the security code during the validation process.

Use both versions of the app at the same time

Both apps can run on a smartphone at the same time, but a dual SIM device (or a similar alternative) is recommended as each app requires a different phone number.

Harness the power of WhatsApp Web

This feature will allow you to answer customer questions and offer reliable support without the need to be tied to a smartphone at all times.

What’s New in WhatsApp Business 2.19.50?

A new version, WhatsApp Business 2.19.50, is now available, and several features were added. Users will now have the option to filter chat lists and sort them with the help of several criteria, including labels and the status of the messages.

WhatsApp Web will allow users to view labels and use them to filter messages in the new WhatsApp Business 2.19.50. The other filtering options aren’t available at this point. A new short link feature will allow owners to create and share quick links with customers.

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