Apple Confirmed The New System-Wide Dark Mode In iOS 13

In less than one week, Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference will take place. Many believe that Apple will retain the tradition of past editions and announce the latest version of its operating system, including the anticipated iOS 13. With the release date of the new iPhone 11 series on the horizon, it is expected that the future iOS version will come with a selection of features, especially a dark mode, and the internet is filled with rumors about the new functions.

Dark mode confirmed for iOS 13

One of the most anticipated ones is the inclusion of a dark mode in iOS 13, an addition which has the potential to make many iPhone owners happy. A large number of rumors claimed that it would be added in iOS 13 and a set of leaked screenshots seems to confirm this theory.

According to a reliable source, users will have the option to enable Dark Mode by going to the Settings app. The Control Center will include a quick access button for the feature. A screenshot of the home screen shows that the only visible difference can be observed at the level of the Dock, with a black background being present in the place of the light one. It is likely that Apple will also bundle a few wallpapers which look better when the feature is active.

iOS 13 to come out with many novelties

The intense shade of black suggests that the OLED panel will be quite impressive. Since black will be predominant, it is expected that the battery life will be longer, since the amount of energy needed to light up black pixels is considerably smaller.

The popular Reminders app will be revamped for both iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 In the case of the iPad the new version of the app features a sidebar which allows users to filter notification by using several; criteria. Another change comes in the form of a reworked Find My iPhone app, which is now called Find My. It is hoped that the first developer beta will surface after the update is announced, with a public version arriving at a later date.

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