Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaked Render Revealed New Surprising Details

A leak regarding the imagery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s rear camera has appeared on the web on May the 29th. The flagship’s rear camera setting has been made public, and renders estimating what the array would look like on the back of the expected smartphone have begun circling the web. However, fans are wondering what the front camera setting would look like.

Because the Galaxy S10 Plus features two sensors in the punch hole display cut-out, some fans thought the Galaxy Note 10 would come with at least two cameras on the front as well. However, that is not the case.

The Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, both having a 5G version, will only feature one front-facing camera setting. This information was provided by Ice Universe, a renowned leaker that has offered trustworthy reports in the past. This person is the same one which confirmed the fact that the render of the new Note 10 is indeed accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaked Render Revealed New Surprising Details

The render was created and uploaded by Ben Geskin, and it is, however, not a leaked picture. We should, in fact, expect it to look remarkably similar to Note 10’s official promo images. Another confirmed leak is the brand new vertical setting of the rear camera, which has two isles, namely a bigger one on the left side and a smaller one on its right, featuring the LED flash, ToF camera, and probably a flood illuminator as well.

Over the primary arrangement, there will most likely be a wide, an ultra-wide, and a telephoto lens. These lenses might actually be the same as in the Galaxy S10 Plus.

It’s refreshing to see the tech giant behind Galaxy Note 10 getting rid of the horizontally placed camera setting abominations ​for the upcoming flagship, but it seems that the new design is rather disputable.

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