Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Rumors – Technical Specs, Price, Release Date

Microsoft Surface line of devices is quite popular among users, as many favor the balance of power offered by the 2 in 1 gadget. The staple Microsoft Surface devices offer a beautiful convertible packed with both bleeding edge hardware and an enjoyable selection of software solutions. Today, we’ll talk about the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 7 rumors and leaks.

Surface Pro 6 was praised by customers and reviewers alike for the high performance and great battery life, but many are already looking forward to the next generation. Apparently, Surface Pro 7 would pack some improvements and changes that would make the fans happy.

Below you can find some of the hottest rumors which surround the upcoming Surface Pro device. It is likely that more will surface in the future.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Rumors – Technical Specs, Price, Release Date

Surface Pro 7 potential tech specs

A new patent requested by Microsoft mentions the use of magnets which would be able to keep the Surface Type Cover closed when the accessory isn’t in use.

Other sources claim that a new USB-C port will be found on the side of the device, accompanied by a standard USB-A port and a Mini Display Port. The popular headphone jack will be retained, but it will be repositioned to the bottom of the device. An improved keyboard will make the device more comfortable to use while holding it on your lap. A MicroSDXC card reader should also be present.

A faster high-capacity SSD would be a great boon for productivity and tasks which require a large amount of storage space. The inclusion of a dedicated GPU would make some users happy, but it is a bit unlikely.

Surface Pro 7 price

In most cases, the cost of a Windows 10 device is mitigated by the internal components. Many sources anticipate that the starting price of the Surface Pro 7 will be near $900.

Possible Microsoft Surface Pro 7 release date

Microsoft hasn’t offered an official release date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, but it is thought that the device could be released in late 2019 or even 2020. Previous models were released in October 2015 and 2018, and it is likely that the Redmond giant will favor the same period.

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