Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Business World?

When you mention artificial intelligence, maybe a few years ago, everybody was having the same reaction: science fiction movies with robots that are taking over the world. The robots apocalypse isn’t the first reaction anymore, because a few years have passed and we are surrounded more than ever by this artificial intelligence. Now it is exciting and exciting to see a new robot being made, and what the machine can do for us.

However, we are living in the future, even if some details from science fiction movies are still missing, such as the flying cars. Maybe we will catch them too. But going much more rooted in the problem, we are discussing how artificial intelligence is influencing the business world, or transforming it? Can we see a more significant impact on business today than it was a few years ago?

Looking back in 1956, that was the time when the artificial intelligence has come into existence, and since then it has evolved year by year with hard work for making a lot of things being applied in the business world. CIO Advise is saying that the impact in the business world is created by Machine Learning. Machine Learning has the purpose of processing a large amount of data but in a brief period.

Also, machine learning is learning and processing more and more information each time, so even the amount of time required for the process itself will be shorter. At the same time, artificial intelligence is just a support tool, is not replacing human intelligence. Coming back to the business world, a lot of big companies today are using analytics and marketing campaigns, are making plans and have valuable secret data hidden somewhere. The problem starts when the companies are attacked by hackers, and the solutions come from the IT department.

To sum up, the IT departments are working on developing AI that has the purpose of defending from cyber-attacks, especially when it comes to the increasing complexity of this cyber-world that we live today. Artificial intelligence is also used in the financial sector, where CEO’s are using it for decisions and calculations, analyzing statistics, and the vast amount of data to be processed.

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