PlayStation 4 Firmware Update To Bring Changes To The Party Chat System

Even though the news that Sony won’t be at E3 2019 conference has surprised some people, it doesn’t mean that the company has nothing to share with its fans. After recently providing an enhanced and redesigned interface for the Death Stranding, the tech giant has now revealed PlayStation 4 firmware update that brings changes to the party chat system, and we must say that it sounds pretty appealing.

Below are the details and what to expect from the upcoming system upgrade Sony will perform on the famous console. Sony’s social media director Sid Shuman posted on the PlayStation Blog a statement in which he unveiled the fact that Sony is at the moment testing improved chat audio quality, enhanced network connectivity, and the capacity to create and take part in parties up to 16 people, an increase from the current limit of eight players.

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update To Bring Changes To The Party Chat System

The new features make part of the upcoming PlayStation 4 update preview project, which enables access to beta to select users for latest updates. For North America and Canada, the console will come with a few additional features. For instance, the PlayStation 4 Second Screen mobile app will enable you to enter text, which will then be spoken aloud to the other team members. Another feature only available for North America and Canada is the app that can transcribe the incoming char audio.

Sign-ups for the new beta of the PlayStation 4 firmware update are now rolling out in the US and are ‘soon’ going to be available in Europe as well. Remember, though, that if you take part in the preview program, you can only join groups that include other members of the program. If you are selected for the beta version, Sony will enable you to share your access code with 20 friends. You can share test the update beta together then.

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