Google Play Games 2019.05.10327 Update Introduces New Features for the Hub Panel

Mobile gaming used to be frowned upon by PC and console gamers but now, things have changed. Smartphones have become more and more powerful during this past couple of years and this has enabled developers to create amazing mobile games that are as good as AAA titles. To top it all off, Google is putting lots of focus on the gaming department of its Android-powered smartphones and this is why we are advising all mobile gamers to consider giving Google Play Games a try.

Even though Google Play Games has been downloaded by tens of millions of Android fans, we are still going to give a brief introduction so that everyone knows that this app does. The Android parent has designed Google Play Games for the sole purpose to make it easier for mobile gamers to find new titles to play and to communicate with their friends. Everyone gets their own gamer profile and this will save all their gaming data such as highest scores for example.

Google Play Games 2019.05.10327 Update

The reason why Google Play Games is making headlines on our website today is because it has just received a new update. Since Google is the parent company for this app, then it should come as no surprise that Google Play Games is updated nearly every single day. Google is renowned for always improving its apps and Google Play Games is not an exception to that rule.

Therefore, the new update for Google Play Games sports the 2019.05.10327 version number and it is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) right now. The new update aims to make it easier for gamers to find what games are trending and this is why it’s improving the “Hub” area to show all the latest information on Reddit regarding popular mobile games.

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