PlayStation 5 To Come With Cross-Generation Play

The worldwide tech giant Sony has stated that it is looking into ways to ease the process of transfer between PlayStation 4 and their next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation president and CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with CNET that the company would provide a way of cross-generation play to make sure that users can continue the game progress between consoles.

Sony announced back in April that the PlayStation 5 will come with backward compatibility, which will enable it to play PlayStation 4 games natively. In contrast, the PS4 did not have this option for games on its predecessor.

Ryan, who become PlayStation CEO this year in April, didn’t want to comment whether the next PlayStation will be called the PlayStation 5, as many people are thinking. He also wouldn’t speak about the company’s plans for the PlayStation VR, even though Sony did announce in April that the next console will support the VR device. However, he talked a lot about the company’s plans for the PlayStation 4 and its successor.

PlayStation 5 To Come With Cross-Generation Play

The PlayStation 5 will come with a custom-designed SSD storage drive, a first for the PS controller. The CEO also stated that the system would provide ultra-high definition 4K visuals at 120Hz.

Ryan has also restated Sony’s focus on increasing its game streaming efforts on the PlayStation 5. Even though the PS4 has provided players with the PlayStation Now streaming service for many years, Ryan said that there is always room for improvement.

In the context of these efforts, Sony has recently partnered with Microsoft on different streaming, gaming and AI initiatives, which the PlayStation CEO said it will eventually benefit PlayStation Now.

The CEO wouldn’t say when Sony will unveil more details about the PlayStation 5 or when it will launch, even though it is anticipated to be released in late 2020. As Ryan said, Sony will disclose more information regarding the system as soon as the development kits are being made available for game developers.

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