Android Q Beta 4 OTA Rollout Halted By Google Due To Some Severe Glitches

Google has been hard at work on Android Q, and the next major update for the Android platform will enter the final stages of development in the close future. The Android Q Beta 4 installment launched on June 5th, but a large number of users noted that they ran into severe glitches when they tried to install the over-the-air (also known as OTA) update.

The problem appeared in the form of a severe bootloop, which was reported on a large number of tech-focused platform and forums. Google has acknowledged the problem and offered an official response via a post on a popular forum platform. The post mentions the company has decided to suspend the release of the Android Q Beta 4 OTA updates as employees attempt to track down the issue. An update will be offered after the issues are solved, and the post was accompanied by apologies for the users affected by the problem.

Some were quick to point out that this is a beta update, and problems like this should be expected. However, it is important to note that the Android Beta Program enjoyed large popularity due to this reliability, which has been known since the initiative was released.

Google suspended Android Q Beta 4 OTA release

The problem is complicated by the fact that Google introduced the A/B System Update protocol with 7.0 Nougat, and the feature should have prevented the bootloop. A/B updates rely on two partitions present on the device.

The A partition houses the current version while the B partition handles update files. When an update is released, it will be installed on the B partition. When the system is rebooted, the device should verify that everything is fine. If no issues are detected, B will become the primary partition while A is converted into the new update partition.

Any faults found on the B partition should force the system to revert to partition A, but the feature didn’t work in this case. It is likely that a stable version of the beta update will be released in the future.

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