iOS 13 – Top Ten Features That Would Enhance Your iPhone Experience

If you are a proud user of an iPhone, then you must know that Apple has recently and officially announced iOS 13 that will come as the latest operating system to your device. Maybe you are thinking with what new features iOS 13 will deliver and if it’s worthy of upgrading to it or not. Well, we have a list of ten features that Apple has added to the new iOS 13 that would enhance your iPhone experience.

Top Ten iOS 13 Features That Would Enhance Your iPhone Experience

Improved iPhone Performance with iOS13

With the new iOS13, the device will receive a boost regarding the speed of many tasks. So after the upgrade, your Face ID will unlock much faster, the apps will be with 50% smaller in size, and the downloaded updates will be with 6-% lower, plus the fact that all apps will launch faster.

Dark Mode

With the new iOS 13, Apple is delivering the dark mode that is an excellent feature for those moments while you lay in bed at night. So you won’t have to adjust the brightness, enable the dark mode and you will have the bright white background change in all the apps such as Messages, Mail, or Apple Music.

Swipe to Text

iOS13 will come now with a feature that allows you to slide your finger from key to key natively. With this new swipe to text feature, every iPhone user will have the possibility to type much faster on a virtual keyboard.

Enhanced Privacy

This new feature introduced by Apple will help users to sign in into apps without sharing more info than necessary. So you will have Sign-in with Apple, a feature that allows you to combat oversharing by choosing if you want to use your real address or letting Apple create a random address for you.

Apple Music in iOS 13

This app will receive the update too by including a lyrics feature. When you stream a song in Apple Music, you will see the lyrics in real time on your screen. Also, the same functionality will come on the tvOS on Apple TV.

Anonymous iMessages

You know the situation where you receive a message from somewhere that is not in your address book, right? With the iOS 13 upgrade, you can enable your personal details and send it along with your iMessage. By doing that, the receiver of the message will see your profile photo and your name.

Emoji Options

Be creative by using your Memoji from Apple. You can use the 3D avatars for a several of creative customization such as makeup, hairstyles, glasses, or hats.

Photo and Video Editing

After the significant lack of tools in the editing department, iOS 13 will come with the ability to adjust saturation, contrast, vibrancy, shadows, correct the balance, and many more. Many similar things can be done to video as well.

Siri Is Changing its Voice

You are hearing Siri now by the combination of audio clips from voice actors. With iOS 13, we will listen to a new Siri, with a voice generated 100% by software. After a demonstration on stage this week, Siri sounded more natural while pronouncing difficult words. The new voice for Siri will be added not only on iPhone, but it’s expected on iPad, HomePod, and CarPlay.

AirPod Audio

After the massive success of Apple’s AirPods, the new iOS 13 will bring amazing features to it and, thus, it would enhance your iPhone experience. When iOS 13 launches, you can hear incoming messages in your AirPods. You can also share audio from one iPhone device to two pair of AirPods. The same audio stream can be done by tapping two pairs of AirPods.

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