PlayStation 5 News – More Details Surfaced About Sony’s Next-Generation Console

The much expected PlayStation 5 features have been talked in more detail by its chief in a recent interview. The new controller will come with substantial new updates, but will still be backward compatible with the PlayStation 4.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation’s CEO revealed Sony’s console performance speed and some of the technology that it will sport. The company said they would reveal details about the new console as time goes, so fans and players who are expecting it have clear and explicit information for the company itself, and not stumble upon nonsense from other sources. The CEO also mentioned that this is just the start of the whole revealing process.

Ryan confirmed the original reveal which stated that the super-fast SSD storage drive that Sony created explicitly for the console would come with the base version. The drive is anticipated to hugely increase the performance of the PS5, by enabling it to process data and assets much faster than any other console ever before.

We have more details on Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 5

Its enhanced hardware will enable increased performance, such as showing 4K visuals at 120Hz faster than the majority of TVs currently are even capable of showing. In spite of that optimized performance, Ryan said that the company would release the new games and experiences one by one, meaning that owners will be able to play with others who haven’t purchased the new controller.

Ryan stated that no matter if it’s backward compatibility or the opportunity of cross-generational play, the company will be able to transfer the gaming community to next-generation. PlayStation’s CEO admitted, however, that this console could be the last PlayStation controller the company will create.

Ryan stated that, when in 2012, lots of people told him that the PlayStation 4 was to be the most awful failure ever, he and the company believed in the product and it turned out exceptional. Ryan said that they believe in this next generation product now, but “who knows how it might evolve? Hybrid models between console and some sort of cloud model? Possibly that. I just don’t know. And if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you,” he said. PlayStation 5, however, might launch next year, as previous rumors stated.

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