Pokémon Sword and Shield Available on Nintendo Switch Soon With New Improvements

The company revealed Wednesday that Pokémon Sword and Shield would appear on November 15 on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has also revealed details about the upcoming Switch games and a lot of features from Pokémon. From what the company has announced, Zacian is the one that carries the sword in its mouth, and Zamazenta has a shield beard. Also, the two will team up with another unrevealed legendary.

However, that is not all, the art director at developer Game Freak, James Turner, has present us new Pokémon species such as Wooloo the sheep, Gossifleur that will evolve into Eldegoss, snapping turtle Drednaw, and the flying taxi named Corviknight.

Besides this, we have the region of Galar that is full of both humans and Pokémon, and they are working together. The area is an open-world version, where wild Pokémon are wandering freely, but with Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can control the camera to find out what is around you. The company is saying that you will battle with wild Pokémon when you run into them. If you want to trigger the battles, you must run into the ! icon for it.

However, for boosting your power, you will have Dynamax. Your Pokémon will grow like Power Rangers, and the moves will be converted into Max versions. Take note that the boost of power can be triggered once per battle; after that, the Pokémon will turn back to normal after three turns. With the Dynamax Pokémon, you will have multiple Max Raid Battles. That means you can connect with the other three players for taking them down in battle.

Also, you will meet new characters such as champion Leon, his younger brother Hop (your rival), Professor Magnolia, Sonia his assistant, and Milo, the grass gym leader. The classic Pokémon are there too, like Bewear, Hippowdown, Snover, Golurk, Butterfree, Gyarados, Flygon, Stufful, Inkay, Growlithe, Diglett, Clefable, Sneasel, and Wobuffet.

To sum up, Pokémon Sword and Shield will be similar to the other generations but with different stories, and a diverse selection of Pokémon. If you are a super fan, you can buy both versions in a double pack.

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