Samsung Galaxy S11 Comes With Under Display Camera?

Not likely in the near future.

A front facing camera within phone screens is rumored to be found on upcoming Xiaomi and Oppo phones.

The key detail is that we won’t see any protrusion for the camera in the display itself. Just a smooth screen. But don’t expect to see this technology implemented any time soon.

The people at @UniverseIce tell us in a tweet that the tech is quite a ways off from being ready. The upside is that the indentation space for the camera will get much smaller, dropping under 4mm later this year, with 1-2 mm in the following years.

We are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to have this tech implemented.

What to expect, really?

The tweet from @UniverseIce is rather cryptic when it comes to the company that is working on the tech but they have leaked implementations from Samsung in the past. With the above mentioned Amoled screen being a Samsung property.

Would Samsung wait to perfect the technology and let others take the dive? That is a sure thing to expect, as they demonstrated with the in-display fingerprint scanner.

We’re sure to expect the under display camera in future phones in the near future but Samsung will probably not launch the tech in the following Galaxy S12 and S13 models.

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