Samsung Galaxy S11 Might Feature a 64 MP Camera Sensor

Only a few months ago, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S10 lineup. However, with the hype of the S10 model of the series still fresh, the online world has already started to be flooded by leaks and rumors of the next model, the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11 would pack a 64 MP camera sensor

One of the most recent rumors caused a lot of excitement among fans all over the internet. Allegedly, the next year’s Samsung Galaxy S11 will sport an extraordinary 64 MP camera sensor. Users were left astonished by the rumor, which came to light after Samsung announced their new 64 MP (GW1) and 48 MP (GW2) camera sensors for smartphones. The most recent rumor claims might make it worth if you are waiting for the next flagship from Samsung.

According to what the executive of Samsung Electronic Youngin Park had to say during a media interview, the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and GW2 will bring smartphone photography to the next level, paired with advanced pixel technology. Speculations claim that Samsung will most certainly include these sensors in the Samsung Galaxy S11 models.

Samsung Galaxy S11 to come with enhanced camera sensors

When it comes to the next model of Galaxy Note 10, a notable leaker of Samsung information, Ice Universe, says the smartphone will feature a 1/2.55 inch 1.4um CMOS sensor, which wețve already seen in the Samsung devices released in the last four years. Hopefully, Note 10 will be the last device to pack this sensor.

Even more, since Samsung is known for supplying other companies, like Google and LG, with components, it is very possible that the new sensors are going to be included in the upcoming smartphone models of these companies as well. If this is true, we might have a chance to see these sensors on the market even before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S11.

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