Use Gmail to the Maximum Potential With These Tips

Gmail is around since 2004 and by now is the dominant email platform in the West, and we are sure you know Gmail’s fundamentals. How about we tell you that you could use your Gmail more efficiently? If you are curious about it and want to learn more, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what you can do in the complex world of email etiquette.

  1. How about Having Your Inbox Zero?

The idea of having your inbox zero is because you should never have a ton of emails in your inbox. You can divide them by answering the emails that need a quick answer, and the ones that need to be added in a to-do-list. You should never let your Gmail inbox full for too long. For that, you need to work a little and organize them to have that inbox empty.

  1. Filter Everything You Can

The best way to make your Gmail account useful is by using filters. By using filters, you use automated rules that can be applied to emails. You can highlight the messages from your boss or apply labels to specific conversations. If you want to apply filters, go to your Gmail Settings. There you have some options- you must define the filters by subject, sending, attachments, or specific words. After choosing what the feature will filter, you have to select the action. The power of Google will be shown when important emails will be marked automatically; a label will be put on them, a star, or even delete them. Also, you can choose to create filters by using the three dots option from above the message and select filter messages like these, and you are ready!

  1. Be Organized

For an organized Gmail, the labels are the best for doing this action. The labels are working as a tag, and it will allow you to group the same subject in one place, for example. By using the label, it will be easy for you to see the messages in one place. You can remove the colorful labels from the left-hand side menu, or you can click the three dots. You can make tags to be invisible or visible in the list, or you can do your personalization. The personalization could be caused by changing the number of conversations shown on a page, or by turning on auto-reply. You can cancel the sending messages in 30 seconds, and enable the auto-advance for having the next message open after you delete or archive one.

  1. Schedule Send and Snooze Button

These two features are recently added to Gmail. The schedule will help you to send a message at a specific time. You have to click on the down arrow from the send button, and you can choose a time and date for the message to be sent. This feature helps people that need to communicate with people from a different time zone. On the other hand, the snooze button will allow emails to be moved from your inbox at the date and time scheduled. This feature is perfect for keeping your inbox zero.

  1. Extensions

If your Gmail is used only for work that means that you are using G-Suite, which it’s a software offered by Google for businesses. You can add extensions to your Gmail and add compatibility with your third-party services. The extensions you can add are Trello integration for connecting cards, Dropbox for your files, and Zoom for video conference.

  1. Shortcuts

If you haven’t known, the best way to use Gmail is based on keyboard shortcuts. So for making your life easier, you can reach for your inbox without using your mouse. The alternatives that you need to use in Gmails are C for a new message, E for archive the messages, B for the snooze menu, Ctrl+K will add a link or open the search menu, R for replying, N for the next message, and V opens the Move To menu.

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