iPhone 11 Max Leaks Are Out – We Will See a Triple Camera Setup

The rumors regarding the iPhone 11 Max are in the air, and we have learned about a few features. But Apple is shaking things up, and after everybody thought that the company would redesign its rear camera setup, the successors are showing something else. We can forget about the 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with their stacked rear camera setup because we have a new leak about the 2019 iPhone’s rear camera.

The Hot Leak

When we are talking about a high-end smartphone, camera performance has a critical role in the battle. So Apple was one of the giants that had fussed about the Smart HDR last year when the iPhone launched. Going on with this subject, the leaks from 2019 regarding the iPhone lineup, says that the Cupertino tech giant is introducing one additional camera sensor for a few iPhone models. The iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max will receive the sensor.

Also, the iPhone 11 R will have a Telephoto lens with the purpose of enabling the optical zoom on the device. The other models will come with a new lens such as Super-Wide angle sensor with a field-of-view between 120° and 130°. Besides this, the leaks are proven to be right regarding the production molds thanks to Mobilefun that scored the rear camera protectors for the new iPhone XS MAX and iPhone 11 R.

Finally, these production molds are from Apple’s facilities in China, and they are confirming the types of lenses that will be found on the new devices. So as we know by now, Apple is working with its old ways, and it’s waiting a lot before launching the devices. We don’t know if this strategy will go on forever if we are looking at its competitors, they are not playing, so Apple must not leave room for mistakes.

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