WhatsApp “Custom Notifications” To Personalize Notifications For Your Contacts

We all know and love WhatsApp, the service provider of free messaging and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) owned by Facebook. If you have a favorite contact on the other side of the world, WhatsApp is the way for you to send text messages, images, and videos and you can now have personalized notifications for your contacts via WhatsApp “Custom Notifications” features.

This cross-platform mobile messaging app is used by millions of people and all you have to do to use it is to install it on your smartphone or computing device OS and connect it to a WiFi or mobile data.

The Custom Notification feature offers you the best when it comes to controlling notifications from your contacts. In order to do that, you will have to get the version of the app that has this update.
Moving on, we present to you the steps that will allow you to control your communication interface with your contacts from WhatsApp.

How to set personalized notifications for contacts with WhatsApp “Custom Notifications

First of all, launch WhatsApp from your device. The next step is to open a conversation and tap “View Contact.” You will have to choose “Custom Notifications” and mark the box “Use custom notifications.”

After marking the box, the list with all its options will be functional, allowing you to glide through it and choose an option (such as settings for calls, messages, pop-up, light etc) that you want to enable or change according to your preferences on your contact.

If your friend is annoying from time to time and disturbs you, choose the Mute Notification button and continue what you were doing in peace. Now, if you have an entire group of annoying friends on Whatsapp, guess what? You can also mute the group they are part of.

Do you want us to show you the steps to enable this feature? Well, in the conversation window for your contact or a group you are part of, tap on the profile name or the group’s name and toggle the switch of the “Mute” option. Doing this, a window will pop out and will allow you to choose the time you want to mute the notifications for. These WhatsApp “Custom Notifications” features are very easy to find and manage from your Android device and it will make the notifications or the silence more enjoyable.

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