Facebook Lite Update is Rolling Out with Faster Performances for Users

If you enjoy using Facebook because it offers you a place where you can share your thoughts, opinions and important moments from your life with your family members and friends but you feel like the app is taking up too much internal storage space and using up too much mobile data, then you should be pleased to know that there is an alternative. The alternative that we are talking about is none other than Facebook Lite.

Despite being a lightweight app, Facebook Lite still delivers a premium user experience and a plethora of features that can’t be found anywhere else. What makes Facebook Lite really stand out is the fact that it only takes up a couple of MB of internal storage and that its software has been optimized to load the newsfeed without needing to use up all of the user’s mobile data. To top it all off, Facebook Lite also benefits from full-fledged developer support.

Facebook Lite Update

One of the best things about being a Facebook Lite fan is the fact that you will always get access to numerous updates. The developers who are in charge of Facebook Lite are constantly pushing out new software releases that introduce faster performances and improved software stability. With that said, Facebook Lite fans should be happy to find out that a new update which sports the version number has been made available for download.

APK Release

The new update for Facebook Lite is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels. However, there is an alternative way to download it and to avoid having to wait for the update to randomly pop up in the notifications panel of your smartphone. The alternative way is to manually download and install it in the form of APK, but not before enabling the “Unknown Sources” option.

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